Private Vault Management for your Albums,Contactsmade easy

End To End Encryption

All files are encrypted locally and the encrypt key is only masted by yourself, and no any other people such as SoliVault server developer know the encrypt key.

Support Albums,Contacts Auto Backup,Sync. Multi Platforms and Devices Supported

Videos,Photos,Contacts are backup to cloud server . And all files are encrypted locally then upload to cloud server.
Multi Platforms and Devices Supported. Contacts can restore to your new devices.

Save time
and focus on what matters

Auto Sync Albums to cloud server

All files in Albums are encrypted locally before upload to cloud server
All videos and pictures are uncompressed, retaining the highest definition

Contacts Restore to your new device

One click to restore your contacts from your old device to your new devies,iPhone or Android mobile.

Boost your privacy and security
for a peace of mind

Security you can truly trust

Solivault is engineered by cybersecurity experts with security-first approach against hackers. Audited and verified by a third-party.

Your data is yours, we don’t see anything

Solivault is designed specifically so that you, and only you, can see your passwords and sensitive data. SoliVault employees can’t see your data.

Start managing your private Vault easier, faster and safer

  • It's free. No credit card required.
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